Next Generation Ministries @ The Church at Eastmont (NextGen@Eastmont) is a unified strategy to equip families to make disciples of their kids and students. Both the Kids@Eastmont and Students@Eastmont partner together to provide families with resources and opportunities to help raise the Next Generation.

Family Experiences

The NextGen@Eastmont Family Experiences allow you as the parent to walk through a grade-based strategic plan. They communicate clearly that you as the parent understand where they are in life and want to walk through a milestone with them. They serve as a catalyst toward maturity in life and in faith. Most importantly, they give you a strategic plan to invest in your children.

Ministry Milestones

The NextGen@Eastmont Ministry Milestones celebrate significant moments in the life journey of a parent and a child that offer unique opportunities to reinforce truth and celebrate a growing relationship with God. We are committed to equipping and resourcing parents to capitalize on these key transitions for their child’s benefit as well as their own.

Kids & Students Pages

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